REMINDER: Wine Blogging Wednesday #9 – This week!

The ninth edition of WBW has been hosted by the Bay Area’s very own Becks & Posh is this week!  We’ve got our entry lined up already and are ready to go.  You can review the announcement here.  The topic, in keeping with the host site’s motif, is Rose!

Just to review, Wine Blogging Wednesday is the Internet’s premier monthly Virtual Wine Tasting event.  Bloggers post their tastings on their sites and let the host know who, in turn, posts the summary on their site.  Its open to bloggers and non-bloggers alike.  For any non-blogger, you can either e-mail your tasting directly to the host or go ahead and post a comment here and I’ll post it with Vivi’s entry to the wine tasting event.

Wine Art Chronicled – Follow along!

Surfing around I found a very interesting site.  I previously posted about a photo-realism artist doing Wine Art.  This site I came across while following a trail of wine art related links shows an artist’s progression on actually creating a photo realistic wine painting.  The site is by Emily Zasada and is described as:

Contemporary realism with a focus on wine art by award winning Virginia artist Emily Zasada. Includes completed paintings as well as photos of paintings in progress.

She’ll be starting another project next week.  Very interesting and worth a look if you’re at all interested in seeing how one of those super detailed paintings actually gets done (this last one looks like you could reach out and touch the glass!).  You can follow along as she narrates what she did to go from beginning to finished product.