Tablas Creek 2002 Rosé (Paso Robles) – WBW #9

Our entry for the Wine Blogging Wednesday – Think Pink! edition is this 2002 Rose from Tablas Creek.  The wine itself, as you can see from the picture, is more of a violet color than they typical Rose.  This stems from the fact that its actually a blend:  57% Mourvèdre, 29% Grenache, 14% Counoise.

OK…Mourvedre we learned about with our entry to Wine Blogging Wednesday #7 – Obscure Red Varietals.  Grenache, while not incredibly common, we’ve heard of before.  But Counoise?  Never heard of it – but then thats why Kelly and I participate in WBWs, to learn more.

Quick check of the Tablas Creek website reveals that its not an uncommon question:

Perhaps the question we hear most frequently at wine events and in our tasting room is “Counoise? What the heck is Counoise?” Even the Wall Street Journal joked about Counoise’s obscurity in a recent article about blends. Yet the grape is a key component of many Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines, and comprises 10% of the Beaucastel Rouge. Its moderate alcohol and tannins, combined with good fruit and aromatics, balances the characteristic intense spice, strong tannins, and high alcohol of Syrah.

You can also go to Tablas Creek website for a brief history of Counoise.  Kelly and I have to thank Sam at “Becks and Posh” because we would not have tried a Rose or spent the time to learn about it.  This Tablas Creek 2002 Rose was very different and very worth it! 

Tasting Notes:

This Rose has a violet rose color, almost looks like a slightly diluted Pinot Noir.  The aroma is very fruity with a bubble gum or cotton candy character to it.  Really different from other wines.  We tasted it pretty cool, somewhere below room temperature but not as cold as most of our white wines.  When you take in the first sip its almost like a refreshing “wild berry” flavored chardonnay, but a little cleaner.  I would liken it to tasting a tropical fruit poolside at a nice hotel in Maui (at least thats what it makes me think of

.  The acidity keeps the fruit flavors balanced and has a long, dry cherry finish.  Really an enjoyable experience and, again, thanks to Wine Blogging Wednesday for the great topic.  I don’t think we would have tried this one if it was the topic for this month!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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