WineHacker – Serving temperature “Rule of Thumb”

I was having dinner with a friend who’s a pretty big wine fan and he passed on a nice rule of thumb that I would qualify as a good WineHack.  There are many discussions about wine temperature and when to serve it and there is a whole industry of gadgets based on creating and measuring the perfect temperature.

But lets simplify that with a rule of thumb.  If you don’t have a couple of wine ‘fridges to keep whites at one temperature and reds at another or a fancy wine cellar here’s the rule of thumb:

For Reds – put the bottle in the refrigerator (thats your normal food fridge) 15 minutes before you serve it.  This should cool it from the temperature of your garage or closet or where ever you keep it down to the 60 degree range which is “good enough” and certainly better than 72 degree room temperature.

For Whites – keep the bottle in the refrigerator (again, normal ‘fridge) and remove it 30 minutes prior to serving.  This should warm it up from the 40 degrees of the ‘fridge to the 50 degree range; nice and cool.

This is a rule of thumb, not an absolute.  You can vary the timing if you want but you get the idea.  Just remember that contrary to popular belief, reds don’t get served at room temperature and whites need to be warmer than the ‘fridge.  Doing this will enhance your wines’ flavors.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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