Back From Vegas – Discovered Vinoce!

Whew!  Fun trip!

I’m back and fairly well unburied from the work I left behind.  Vegas is a blast if you do it with the right people (i.e. folks who can loosen up and have fun during a time when you are actually away from work).

While I assumed I wouldn’t get to taste and note any wines I just can’t help myself.  I’ve been introducing my friends and family to New World blends.  Typically referred as Red Table Wine, for years they got little attention – Red Table Wine sounds like its barely a notch above boxed wines.  Recently (1988) CA vineyards have put the effort in to publicise and market a new name “Meritage”, which is derived from “merit” and “heritage” and pronounced the same way.

Anyway, aside from having a blast I discovered “Vinoce” while having dinner at the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse in the Four Seasons hotel.  The dinner was solid but the wine was outstanding. 



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Vegas Baby!

I’ll be on a short Vegas vacation starting in about 3 hours.  So my posts this weekend will either be non-existent or non-coherent.  I’d love to say that I’ll be drinking many fine wines and writing up tasting notes but I don’t think that would be realistic

.  You see, this weekend is “guy’s weekend out”.  Once a year we head down to Vegas for “golf”.  The trip is three days long and we generally get about 9 holes in (they serve Vodka Tonics on the snack carts

).  Now everyone should calm down, Kelly gets her girls weekends with her friends and 99% of the time there is never anyone I would ever want to do anything with more than Kelly.  Beyond being my wife, she truly is my closest friend.  But there are some things that you need to do with “the guys”


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Aussie wines a hit in US

So ABC News is reporting that Aussie wines are supplanting Italian wines as the number one exporter to the US. 

I guess this really isn’t a surprise given the similarity in style between Aussie wines and US wine, in particular CA wines.  If you think about it the big, fruity CA wines that most Americans learn to love are very analogous to Aussie wines.  In fact, if you’re into CA wines and are thinking of expanding to another region I definitely recommend checking out Aussie wines and even some South American wines as places to start.  Get to know the region, weather, history, etc… then taste wine and compare them to similar CA wines.  Try a Chilean Chardonnay versus a CA Chard.  Or an Aussie Cab versus a Napa Cab.  That is a big upside to knowing the varietal – you can ‘reverse engineer’ the tastes and get to know the region!  Great way to learn about the wine life!

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