Blackball Blackwell on Long Island?

Lenn over at LENNDEVOURS has some pretty harsh words for Blackwell’s in eastern Long Island in New York.  The problem he experienced boils down to restaruant managers losing the plot when it comes to running a restaruant, particularly in the wine life.  We live in an “experience” oriented world.  People go out to nice dinners and wine bars in order to create a certain feeling – romantic, celebratory, whatever.  They want to create a sense of “getting away” for a little while.  When managing a place if you don’t act like one bad experience will turn away many people you’re in for a long, tough career.  The rule used to be 1 bad experience loses you 10 customers for life.  With the Internet, wine blogging, food blogging, etc… the damage could be far far worse…

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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