WineZap – Wine Search Engine Worth a Look

Sam over at alerted me to their site.  WineZap is a search engine for wines that helps consumers find, price, and compare wines from around the country. 

I use, and have used for a long time,  That site is very extensive and been around for a while.  It actually has wines from retailers all over the world and since its easy to have wine shipped in CA its been great.  I put WineZap through my initial filtering process – I have gotten pointers to a couple of wine search engines and they usually fail simple searches.  WineZap has passed the initial test.

Over the next few weeks I’ll put it up head to head with and see who’s the big dog.

In the mean time, the site does have some interesting features.  For instance, it allows you to add shipping costs by putting in your zip code as well as filter the search down to only those who ship to you.  So you can actually compare prices with and without shipping and not bother trying to figure out if this great price is even available to you.  This is a nice feature that Wine-Searcher doesn’t have.

Users can also create an account and rate wines that they search on for future user’s reference.  Also a nice feature. 

WineZap is worth checking out.  Wine-Searcher is pure wine searching horse power but it remains to be seen if WineZap can hang.  The bells and whistles are nice, but content is definitely king.


Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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