Aussie wines a hit in US

So ABC News is reporting that Aussie wines are supplanting Italian wines as the number one exporter to the US. 

I guess this really isn’t a surprise given the similarity in style between Aussie wines and US wine, in particular CA wines.  If you think about it the big, fruity CA wines that most Americans learn to love are very analogous to Aussie wines.  In fact, if you’re into CA wines and are thinking of expanding to another region I definitely recommend checking out Aussie wines and even some South American wines as places to start.  Get to know the region, weather, history, etc… then taste wine and compare them to similar CA wines.  Try a Chilean Chardonnay versus a CA Chard.  Or an Aussie Cab versus a Napa Cab.  That is a big upside to knowing the varietal – you can ‘reverse engineer’ the tastes and get to know the region!  Great way to learn about the wine life!


From ABC News

Aussie wine proves a corker in US

Australia is set to overtake Italy as the biggest exporter of wine to the United States by the end of this year.

The Yellowtail brand made by Casella’s at Griffith in New South Wales is the third biggest seller in US wine stores.

Other companies, such as Southcorp, are continuing to increase sales.

Total sales of Australian wine were up 20 per cent last year, with exports totalling 20 million cases.

US wine commentator Jon Fredrikson says there are several reasons for the boom.

“They deliver a lot of high quality for the price … in many instances packaging and names have clearly captured the attention of younger adult consumers,” he said.

“Of course the labelling is all in English and that certainly appeals to English-speaking Americans.”

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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