Court to Blogger: You Ain’t No Journalist!

In a posting at, Susanne found that a preliminary ruling, issued Thursday, a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge said that the three blogging sites, which had disclosed information about Apple’s upcoming products, did not have the same legal protections that shield journalists, according to the San Jose Mercury News. The story was originally published by San Jose Mercury News.

This case is really a high-tech intellectual property dispute but regardless will probably set the first legal precedent for bloggers of all types.

Wine Gadget Extraordinaire…update

Everyone’s aware of our previous article launching the Enomatic system (it was picked up in several publications and generated thousands of hits). Well, just to keep it update and fresh, the company contacted me to let me know there is an actual stateside distributor called Rinaldi Distribution, Inc. and the main Enomatic site is at here. Still the ultimate wine gadget and our favorite gadget find. With a stateside distributor I’m sure you’ll see automated wine tasting cropping up in a wine business near you soon.

…and thats a good thing…

Wine blogs are anxiously awaiting their arrival…Enjoy the Wine Life!

DNA Explodes Myth

By guest author Thomas Pellechia

It’s big, red, (not white) and its Zinfandel, at least it was until recently! I remember Zinfandel from those trucks that used to roll into my neighborhood in late October and early November loaded with the juicy red grapes.  We kids picked up the boxes of grapes for our Italian immigrant grandfathers to get them into the cellar quick. It was time to start a new batch of wine.

One thing that sticks in this old guy’s mind is the smell of those homemade wines. If you’ve ever had a peasant Italian wine you know what I mean when I describe them as earthy and rustic powerful comes to mind too.  Imagine my surprise to learn that the Zinfandel of grandfathers across our Brooklyn streets is the Prmitivo of Italians across the Oceans!

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Front-runner for “WineHack of the Year”

In a move clearly designed to win “WineHack of the Year”, Scientist Dr Karl Blanks, a graduate of the University of Cambridge, proves how to value a bottle of wine, just by feeling its dimple.

According to Dr. Blanks, “Someone buys you a bottle of wine and you want to know how much it cost. Nightmare!” He continues,”At a party, you have to choose which bottle to open. Aaarrgh! Here’s a handy trick. Feel the depth of the dimple at the bottom of it. The more expensive the bottle, the deeper its dimple will tend to be.”

While originally though to be an urban myth, others agree with Dr. Blanks.

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WineHacker – Quick Check on wine before you buy can save you some heartache

If you haven’t run across a bad bottle of wine (you can usually tell because it’ll taste stale or smell like a moldy cellar) then you’re one of the lucky ones. There’s never any intention to sell you a skunked bottle of wine, but it does happen. The reality is that while the wine was produced and bottled correctly, alot of times the transport and handling of the wine can cause problems that ruin the wine. Here are a couple of quick things you can do to check BEFORE you get it home and crack it open for that romantic meal (or worse, open months or years later for that very special moment only to find it skunky wine):

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Interview with Jean-Philippe Delmas

Philippe Blasco of French Wine Guide published an extensive and interesting interview with Jean-Philippe Delmas who is in charge of Chateaux Haut-Brion in Bordeaux. Now who cares you ask? Well, aside from being an interesting read, Château Haut Brion is the only first-growth to be American owned and Bordeaux’s first internationally acclaimed winemaking estate.

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