29th Annual San Francisco Wine Auction

Quick post on a charitable wine event for a good cause. 29th Annual San Francisco Wine Auction is April 29th. All proceeds of this charitable event go to the Guardsmen General Fund to support indoor and outdoor educational programs for disadvantaged Bay Area youth.

Don’t like to plug on the blog particularly because I get alot of requests from event planners, but when you have talent like Michael Mina donating his time for a good cause I’ll let you know because not only will it benefit charity but you’ll get a great meal out of it as well.

Handy Wine Tasting Pocket Guide

While participating in our favorite Australian Wine Forum I met Glenn Green, an independant consultant winemaker and creator of a great little wine tasting guide which he appropriate calls “The Essential Wine Tasting Guide“. While the name is a mouthful and with my marketing background I probably would’ve steered him toward something with less syllables, this little pocket guide to wine tasting truly is handy to have around.

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WineHacker – Hard water stains? Goodbye!

Living in CA, one of the biggest problems Kelly and I have had with the house is the hard water. Its a pain for everything but particularly for the nice stemware or the fine crystal from your wedding. First, let me say this – washing and drying immediately by hand will avoid any wine or hard water staining. But lets face it, if you’re hosting a party you don’t want to sit in the kitchen washing the stemware while the guests sit there. You’ll often find yourself rinsing them off quick and then getting back to the fun.

Problem with that? The residual wine left in the glass and even the water itself can leave your nice stemware looking a little sketchy. There is an answer.

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Juice Round-up – Wine Reviews

Here are the reviews from last week. Wine Blogging Wednesday also happened this week. When the round-up is finished by Andrew over at Spitoon.biz I’ll let you know!

Collectively, the blogs of the world represent a little less “high and mighty” and more of an approachable view of wines they’ve tasted. In fact, they often rebuke “the establishment” of wine. More approachable wine discussions are good for everyone. Wine Blogs of the world make good reading and more often then not they find some smaller winery wines that may get overlooked elsewhere.

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Why the Bush “Weak Dollar Policy” SUCKS!

So, whats this post doing on a Wine Blog? We all drink wine to get away from daily life and get to our hobby/obsession/addiction don’t we? Why would I ever decide to talk about politics and intrude on our fun time?

Well, my friends, I haven’t introduced a foreign object into the continuity of wine life. It intruded on the wine life all by iteself. You see, I stumbled across a wine chat board all about Australian wine – Auswine.com. This was a great little discovery because if you’re into California wines as I am, you’re sure to love Australian wines as well. So this board really was interesting to me.

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