WineHacker – Instant Drip Ring

Tired of the ring of wine that gets on the counter or table while serving wine? You know, because a drip got down the neck of the bottle while you were socializing at a party. There are nice drip rings you can buy and other accessories and for formal dining occasions they’re probably the right way to go. But for bigger parties a paper towel is all you need! Simple, fast, and cheap. So you can mingle without worrying about the ring-around-the-counter.

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    Take a run of the mill paper towel.

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    Roll it up into a thin tube.

  3. Media_httpwwwwinelife_dzofl

    Tie it in a knot with a hole large enough for the neck of the bottle

  4. Media_httpwwwwinelife_npzcn

    Voi-la! instant drip ring.

If you’re having alot of people over there’s a good chance that more than one bottle of wine will be open and even the most courteous guests don’t think about the wine drip occasionally. All you need is a couple of paper towels and you’re all set.

Enjoy the Wine Life!


Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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