Handy Wine Tasting Pocket Guide

While participating in our favorite Australian Wine Forum I met Glenn Green, an independant consultant winemaker and creator of a great little wine tasting guide which he appropriate calls “The Essential Wine Tasting Guide“. While the name is a mouthful and with my marketing background I probably would’ve steered him toward something with less syllables, this little pocket guide to wine tasting truly is handy to have around.

When folded, the guide is about the size of a thick credit card. It unfolds like your typical highway map to reveal a 34 mini=page guide filled wine information from descriptors for wine by varietal, to tactile descriptors, and even a mini-wine scoring guide that you can use as part of your personal tasting notes.

It is small enough to carry with you to a wine tasting and it does help you to remember what you would call that taste. I think everyone knows what I mean, that moment after the first couple sips where you’re thinking “how would you describe that taste”. Pull out the tasting guide and look through the descriptors, one of them will hit you like a ton of bricks in a great “Ah HA!” moment.

One final detail, it is available for different wine regions of the world so its not US or New World focused. According to the site:

Each edition contains the major and emerging grape varieties that are cultivated, produced, imported, retailed and consumed within a particular market and country. Each edition also provides idiosyncratic terminology specific to that country.

Editions that are currently available in the ‘Essential Wine Tasting Guide’ series include:-

Australia/New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom/Ireland
United States of America
Japanese (Japanese language version)

Other Editions Available Soon :-


Kelly and I used them to taste a flight of Ballentine wines we had this week (we’ll write that up soon). Its nice to have the vocabulary right in front of you while you’re tasting so you can get an exchange of ideas going. Everyone tastes a little different, thats one of the great parts of the wine. But being able to describe your experience with the person you’re with is one of the great parts of the wine life.

“Essential” is a bit ambitious of a descriptor, but hey, the guy’s gotta attract attention to his product. I would say it really does help the non-professional wine enthusiast come up with more meaningful descriptions and tasting notes. That is why this is a nice tool to help you Enjoy the Wine Life!

Head over to Glenn’s site and order one for yourself! If you enjoy wine, you’ll enjoy what you can learn from this tiny guide.

About the Author

Glen Green is an independent consultant winemaker who studied oenology and viticulture at the Charles Sturt University of Australia, gaining a degree in Bachelor of Applied Science (Winemaking).

His winemaking, wine education seminars, wine tastings and wine travels have taken him to many of the wonderful wine regions and countries of the world, including Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Madeira, South Africa, United States of America, and Canada.

Glen was in the winning team at the 2000 Australasian Wine Options Competition, a winetasting competition that tests a contestant’s ability to blindly identify a wine from thousands of possibilities by correctly answering a series of five questions on each wine tasted.

He also supplies and distributes wine appreciation and education products throughout Australia and the rest of the world through his independent company, Vinum Vitae Pty Ltd.

Glen’s passion for educating others about wine led to the development of the Essential Wine Tasting Guide©. In it, Glen draws from his wealth of knowledge and experience, and his research of grape varieties and wine styles of the world.

With a thirst for knowledge and a passion to match, Glen has forged a reputable name for himself and is well respected amongst his colleagues.

Glen Green is available for consultant winemaking, wine education, wine judging and corporate public speaking.

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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