WineHacker – Hard water stains? Goodbye!

Living in CA, one of the biggest problems Kelly and I have had with the house is the hard water. Its a pain for everything but particularly for the nice stemware or the fine crystal from your wedding. First, let me say this – washing and drying immediately by hand will avoid any wine or hard water staining. But lets face it, if you’re hosting a party you don’t want to sit in the kitchen washing the stemware while the guests sit there. You’ll often find yourself rinsing them off quick and then getting back to the fun.

Problem with that? The residual wine left in the glass and even the water itself can leave your nice stemware looking a little sketchy. There is an answer.

Just a quick explanation of where hard water comes from. Basically, as water makes its way from rain, river, or whatever the natural source may be, it dissolves minerals that occur in nature and carries them to your home. When the water is heated and/or agitated, the minerals are released and depositied on your stuff. The result – everything from ugly water marks on you stemware to build-up that destroys appliances.

So if you rinse your glasses and find some water stains on them, don’t fret too much just try this simple remedy: take a solution of coarse salt mixed (about 1 cup) in some of white vinegar (about 4 cups) – or use some other 1 to 4 ratio. Shake it up and soak the dishes in there. Wait a while, about a half hour and simply rinse under hot water (this time drying them by hand right away). If the stains remain, use a soft cleaning brush with a little more solution to clean it off. This will work for either the hard water stains or wine stains from the residual wine left in the glass!

Again, there are probably 100 WineHacks for this problem so don’t hesitate to write in your suggestion. This one works for us!

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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