“Fahrenheit 9/11″ for the Grape – Are blogs the cure?

There’s quite a buzz going around about a movie called ‘Mondovio’. Its a sort of expose film about the big-brand wine labels and the industry homogenizing wines, ultimately detracting from the very thing that makes people fanatical about wine – the sublties of the flavors.

MSNBC writes about the movie. In it, the review points out that:

Nossiter’s contention is that plenty of good wines from all over the world can be found for little more than the cost of a bottle of Yellow Tail. But most of us will never find them, because the market shoves big brands down our throats.

That article ends with this summary:

There are exceptions — Nossiter names Alsatian negociant Trimbach, for one — but he is unwavering in his belief that a mix of corporate muscle, permissive regulation and well-oiled marketing machines lead to more of us drinking boring, mass-produced wine. One look at the average supermarket wine shelf, and you can’t help but think he’s on to something.

Are Wine Blogs the cure?

My contention – Yes, they are. Much has been written about wine blogs needing to find their niche, their reason for being. With the issue brought forward by this movie, Wine Blogs have just found their calling.

My friends, that is the beauty of this wine blogosphere we have going. Micro-publishing has trumped the big publishers here. I think that the goal of wine blogs and their tasting notes is to change exactly what Nossiter is asserting. That micro-publishing allows smaller, individual wineries get the word out through people who are really devoted, to the point where they actually write about it with a blog. Thats why I enjoy reading blog tasting notes. All those hobbyists and cult fanatics posting the small, obscure names that they find. Its sort of the “Open Source” project but for wines – everyone can participate and post their findings of small obscure wines while the big publishers struggle to keep up because they have (at most) a few dozen tasters. The Internet really does change everything and big publishers can’t win. The Wine Blogosphere is the way to get exposure for smaller, “better character” wines.

Read the wine blogs and Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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