Wine Gadget for Serving Temperature

Serving temperature is a perpetual question that seems to come up in wine magazines, wine forums, wine blogs, and just about any other wine publication out there. And why not? For a beginner its sort of the first step into a life on the endless trail of trying to locate the perfect wine. This wine gadget seems dead set on making sure you get your wine absolutely perfect. If you don’t get it right? NO SOUP FOR YOU!

You could always pass on this and do what a buddy of mine did a couple years back – he thought his glass of red was too cold so he put it in the Microwave for about 45 seconds. Lets just say that method of finding the right temperature didn’t prove to be an exact science and leave it at that.

Anyway, I found the Bonjour Maestro Wine Thermometer while surfing for alternative wine thermometers today. You’re going to have to be quite the zealot to employ one of these wine gadgets but it seemed worth bringing your attention to it anyway. In general wine temperature are about 55-60 F for a red and 45 – 50 F for a white wine. You can get even more specific if you want. For instance, the following is a slightly more “fastideous” (a.k.a. anal, hard-core, tool, zealot) list of serving temperatures:

From “The Patagonia Traveler”

37-43ºF White sweet wines, to appreciate their fruity fragrances.

41-45ºF Champagne, Cavas and another sparkling wines; with more temperature its flavor is unpleasant, and lose gas; colder we will not be able to appreciate well its fragrance.

46-50ºF White dry youth wines, with smaller temperature, will increase its acidity, and white more temperature its alcoholic graduation.

48-54ºF White aged and pink wines; to be able to enjoy its bouquet and fruity fragrance.

52-59ºF Red youth wines. They express better its characteristics.

54-63ºF Port and Sherry. To enjoy better its pleasant flavor and to highlight its “solera”.

58-63ºF Red, body, wines; to be able to highlight its flavor and its body.

59-65ºF Red aged wines; we’ll appreciate better its nobility and the flavor of wood tannins.

What the Maestro actually does more than just measure the temperature of your wine, it has 19 pre-programmed wine types that will tell you exactly at what temperature to serve your wine and it will beep once your wine achieves this temperature. Never serve that Port at a downright balmy 50ºF again! Impress your friends! That is, if they’re fairly easy to impress…

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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