Rosenblum 2002 Richard Sauret Vineyard Zinfandel

Its becoming very predictable which is all the more reason we have to point out the newest release from the Rosenblum Richard Sauret vineyard in Paso Robles. It is really a prime example of a good Zinfandel, which Rosenblum tends to do. More importantly, its a really good example of a California style wine. The aroma is great. You can catch a wiff of the chocolate and cherry smells. The first sip hits you Cali-style with bold plum and black cherry tastes which lingers with a chocolate finish.

A great wine if you want to know what a Zin should taste like. We did notice it is a little over tannic but if you open it and give it a little time to breath the exposure to oxygen chills that out very nicely. Not to mention that this also means it will age well. Wine Spectator rates it 92 and San Francisco Chronical Wine Competition awarded it a silver metal. At about $17 a bottle, we have to recommend it as a great value and an excellent way to introduce you to how Zinfandel should taste without breaking the bank.

Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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