French Winers say France in crisis is reporting that a survey conducted by BVA and published by French press claims that up to 90% of French wine growers are pssimistic about the future of the wine industry in France. Half of the respondents believes the sector is already in real crisis.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step to dealing with it. We here at Vivi’s have present our opinion as to the problem with the French wine industry. We just surprised it too this long to catch up to them.

Enjoy the Wine Life!


FRANCE: Half of winemakers say France in crisis
29 Oct 2004
Source: editorial team

A survey published in the French press claims that up to 90% of French wine growers are pessimistic about the French industry’s future.

The opinion poll, conducted by BVA, said that nine of every 10 wine growers believes the national wine growing sector is in a crisis or in difficulties.

The results, published in French magazine Gastronomie, showed that nearly half the respondents believed the sector in real crisis. The main threats were seen as foreign competition, the fall in the domestic market and over zealous legislation.

In Bordeaux 69% of the wine growers said the sector was in crisis. Meanwhile, 60% in Languedoc and 56% of the respondents in the south-western part of France shared this opinion.

The survey was carried out in the eight wine growing and producing regions in France and 405 wine growers were interviewed.

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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