Mixed Results on Wine and Lung Cancer

News Brief

Spanish researchers at University of Santiago de Compostela have found that drinking red wine could protect against lung cancer, but drinking white wine may increase the risk. What they found was that the tannins and resveratrol in red wine have anti-cancer properties. White wine increases risk because while lacking the tannins and resvertrol it does contain alcohol.

This does jive with what we previously reported about resveratrol and its anti-cancer affects. The interesting thing is what we’re learning about micronutrient dense foods (including grapes) and how they can affect the body chemistry. Alcohol is a poison no matter how you slice it but the fact that wine does use a more natural, less processed method to create helps to increase the health benefits and mitigate the damage. The crossing point between when Alcohol in red wine does more damage than micronutrients doing good is very low (usually defined by your specific metabolic traits) so drinking to excess never helps anyone.

Here is a release from Thorax detailing the study.

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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