Chardonnay News Round-up by the JuiceCowboy

A few interesting stories were published today on Chardonnay so we thought we’d summarize the best ones for our readers…

A Chardonnay cluster worth picking

SF Chronicle staff writer W. Blake Gray gives a nice overview of how to know what you’re going to get when you pick a Chardonnay. This includes general ideas based on region that give you a good rule-of-thumb what to think about when you see Chardonnays on the menu or in a store. This is the great thing about New World wines and their definition by Grape – you can have some idea of what to expect (with some nice surprises usually) without knowing the specific vineyard on the label.

With popcorn, think Chardonnay

Writing for The Arizona Republic, Mark Tarbell proposes an interesting pairing for Chardonnays – Popcorn! A nice, warm weather Chardonnay, like a CA Chardonnay, will produce butter flavors. Mark decided to try one with some popcorn and found a nice match.

Chardonnay is so passe — sip a sampling of viognier

Janice Fuhrman of the Contra Costa times takes a swipe at Chardonnay in order to make some valid points about Viogner white wine. This article discusses several important points about Viogner that are worth the read (including the correct pronounciation!), but articles that tend to put down our favorites or make us feel like we’re part of a “herd” if we like what we’ve heard of have a big snobbish bias to them. Fortunately, this article is worth reading if you want to understand a little more about a lessor known white that is worth tasting. Since Voigners are generally sweeter and brighter than buttery CA Chardonnays, its worth a try for those new to white wines.

California Wine Glut Draining

Wine Spectator is reporting that a wine grape glut is contributing to price erosions in most wines. However the growth of Chardonnay on an already large base points to price firmness in the short term and price increases as soon as 2006 based on supply constraints. Chardonnay is as popular as ever so if you can find a good vintage in the next couple years you should give it a try.

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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