Zagat Survey Announces New 2005 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant Guide

Zagat Survey Announces New 2005 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant Guide

Zagat released its 2005 San Francisco Bay Area restaurant guide today giving Gary Danko the #1 Most Popular title replacing Boulevard.

The trend is also showing an increase in “per bottle” dining and a decrease in dollars per meal (from 34.07 to 33.75) while 55% of the Zagat diners reported increasing their spending on restaurants.

While these improvements are good, its basically inline with the improvement in the economy over the last two years. The 9/11 tragedy severly impacted the travel and leisure industry so it is nice to see the restaurants benefitting from the improvements in the economy as well as people’s return to enjoying the wine life.

As far as Gary Danko’s, for locals in the SF area its pretty well known the its a very fine restaurant but there are definitely some lesser known, equally as high quality places in the city. If you really enjoyed Gary Danko’s then take a spin to Michael Mina’s in Union Square, or the Fifth Floor off of Market St. Both are easily as high quality and offer interesting variations to the dining experience. All also have very impressive wine lists. There are few restaurants in the world that have a wine list as extensive as Gary Danko’s but there is more than enough at Michael Mina’s and the Fifth Floor to satisfy (some may even consider Gary Danko’s a bit of overkill).

At any rate, there is no shortage of fine dining in the SF/SJ Bay Area so get out and Enjoy the Wine Life!

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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