Novice or normal?

This is an important question. Novice or Normal? Should you feel like you’re “out of the loop” because you’re relatively new to wine?

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of people enjoying wine are fairly new to wine. This is something the wine related industrys need to understand and work especially hard to create information that is informative without being condescending. We set up Vivi’s to bring a sense of normalcy to every person. Not to toot our own horn (but I will anyway) more mainstream businesses would be wise to follow suit.

Analyst firm Russel Research recently put out a study of wine drinkers in which they found that 66% of respondents wish restuarants would do more to guide them to which wines should go with the different meals. Additionally, 64% of the respondents classified themselves as “Novice”.

This essentially highlights the fact that the vast majority of mainstream wine businesses need to pay a little more attention to their customer base and make their wine menus a little more than a complex collection of often eclectic names and regions (other than New World wines its extremely hard to follow whats going on – you can take French wines as an example). This study didn’t include folks who never drink wine; these are wine drinkers like you and me.

So as it turns out, novice is normal and many wine businesses would do well for themselves and, in turn, everyone else if they would be as friendly and creative with their wine presentation as they are with the actual wine itself. The recognition that novice is normal would really help us all Enjoy the Wine Life.

Author: Joel Vincent

Growth Hacker and wine lover

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